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Tentative Schedule of Technical Talk Series

Month Name of the Institute Date Speaker
Jan NMIT 29th  Jan 2018 Prof. Ananthsuresh
March Atria IT
March Researchers’ Forum
April M.S. Engineering
May Women in Technology conclave    
August MVIT
Sept Jain University
Oct Reva University

Report on Talk by Prof GK Ananthasuresh at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, on 29th Jan 2018

Title: Micromachined Accelerometer

The Institute of Smart Structures and Systems (ISSS), began a series of technical talks across Bangalore for the year 2018 with a presentation of Prof. G.K. Ananthasuresh, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept. Indian Institute of Science, at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, on 29th January 2018. The title of the talk was Micromachined Accelerometer.

The audience for the talk were students of 4th and 6th semester of various engineering branches along with faculty members. The event began by Prof. Veda S.N. giving a brief introduction to ISSS and its objectives giving emphasis on the education subcommittee. Prof. Veda also apprised the audience on the benefits of joining ISSS as student / annual / life members.

Prof. Ananthasuresh began his lecture by introducing the audience on the fundamental principle of operation of an accelerometer. The lecture proceeded with him giving details of its application and design issues. Later his talk emphasized on the design of a Displacement Amplification Compliant Mechanism (DaCM ). Prof. Ananthasuresh also had distributed a design worksheet to the audience and guided them to design many DaCMs during the course of his talk. He has also encouraged the students to design DaCMs and send him the design and has offered to fabricate the best DaCM in his next fabrication run in March 2018 if the design is sent my mid February.

The talk was well attended and the audience was very enthusiastic about the topic and has shown a lot of interest. Post his talk, many students have approached Prof. Veda to join ISSS and also to get guidance towards continuing work in this area.