6-7, September 2013


Call for Papers
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Based on request from many, the TPC has decided to extend the last date for submitting the extended abstracts to June 20, 2013.  No further extensions will be possible. 

Prospective authors are requested to submit contributions by email to [tpcchair@isssonline.in] as a docx file on or before June 20, 2013.  The submitted Extended Abstract should be in the final, camera ready form and should highlight important technical contributions and crucial results which will enable a decision on the acceptance. Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted.

Extended Abstracts may be prepared in the following format:

TITLE (Calibri, 14, UPPERCASE, bold, centered)

First Author, Presenting Author, Corresponding Author*(Calibri, 12, Title Case, bold, centered)

Affilications (Calibri, 12, Title Case, Regular italics, centered)

*Email of the corresponding author (Calibri, 11, lower Case, regular, left aligned)

Text (Calibri, 11, regular, justified)

Keywords: provide at least three keywords relevant for the work (Calibri, 11, Title Case, regular, left aligned)

Abstract should be limited to 300 words, written clearly and concisely.  Paragraph spacing should be 6 points before and after, and line spacing should be 1.5 all through.  Please do not insert images, tables, etc.  The abstract may be submitted by email to [tpcchair@isssonline.in] as a docx file on or before June 20, 2013

The provisional acceptance will be based on the review of the Abstract submitted and the decision  will be communicated on or before June 30, 2013. A  final full-length manuscript of your submission in pdf format after embedding all figures, graphics etc should be sent by July 12, 2013 by email to tpcchair@isssonline.inMS Word template for the final manuscript is available here.  Recommended length of this camera-ready paper is 4pages.  

The final acceptance will be communicated by July 26, August 8th 2013.  A CD Proceedings of the conference containing all accepted full-length papers are planned to be made available to the registrants during the registration for the Conference.  At least one of the authors should be registered for the inclusion of the paper in the Proceedings. 

A few of the contributed papers presented during the conference will be shortlisted for publication in the newly launched Journal of the Institute of Smart Structures & Systems after further review.