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Volume 5 Number 1 March-September 2016

Table of Contents 1
Editorial 2
Smart structure control using cascaded Internal Model Control  Noopura S. P., J. Arunshankar 3-8
Design, development and experimental study of novel configuration of reflectivity invariant retro reflective fiber optic sensor for measuring of surface roughness  Supriya S. Patil, A. D. Shaligram 9-13
Development of planar first order gradiometer coupled to HTS SQUID sensor  L. S. Vaidhyanathan, D. K. Baisnab, R. Baskaran, M. P. Janawadkar 14-19
Identification of hotspots on FPGA using Time to Digital Converter and distributed tiny sensors Mahantesh P. Mattada, Sachin M. Magadum, Hansraj Guhilot 20-30
Poisson-disk sparse STMR array based structural health monitoring of plate-like structures using ultrasonic guided waves  Manas Galipalli, K. K. Mithunraj, Johnson B. Lakra, Krishnan Balasubramaniam, Prabhu Rajagopal 31-37

Volume 4 Number 1 March-September 2015

Table of Contents 1
Editorial 2
In-situ structural integrity monitoring based on non-destructive testing principles  Christian Boller, Gerd Dobmann, Eckhardt Schneider 3-17
Integrated circuit security: an overview Ange Marie P. Fievre, Al-Aakhir A. Rogers, Shekhar Bhansali 18-37
Impedance based structural health monitoring using serially connected piezoelectric sensors C. Bharathi Priya, N. Gopalakrishnan, A. Rama Mohan Rao 38-45
Study of stencil printing parameters for ball grid array formation at smaller pitch Shrikant G. Kulkarni, Varsha A. Chaware, Girish J. Phatak 46-54
Transduction of A0 Lamb mode using rotationally misaligned air-coupled probes in composite laminates C. Ramadas, Irfan Khan, Avinash S. Hood, Makarand Joshi 55-60
Complete development of a single cell PMUT transducer: design, fabrication, characterization, and integration Ajay Dangi, Amod Hulge, Anish Somasundaran, Rominus S. Valsalam, Rudra Pratap 61-69
The behaviour of continuous flow xenon difluoride etching of silicon D. Drysdale, A. O’Hara, C. H. Wang 70-75
Wind vibration energy harvesting through macro fiber composites: a probabilistic approach Abhishek Ghiya, A. Arockirajan, Sayan Gupta 76-83

Volume 3 Number 2 September 2014

MEMS based Integrated Gas Sensor for NO2 and NH3  Rahul Prajesh, Nishit Jain, V K Khanna, V. Gupta, Ajay Agarwal


Fabrication of Compliant Micro Grippers Using SU-8 with a Single Mask  Santosh D. B. Bhargav, Nikhil Jorapur, G. K. Ananthasuresh


Dynamic Response of Multiphase Magneto-Electro-Elastic Composites Subjected to Time-Harmonic Electric Excitation  B. Biju and K.Shankar


Preparation of a Silicon oil based Magneto Rheological Fluid and an Experimental Study of its Rheological Properties using a Plate and Cone Type Rheometer ] Shreedhar Kolekar, Rajashekar V. Kurahatti, Prashanth P.K, Vikram Kamble, Nitin Reddy


Analytical and Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Variable Flow Boundaries on the Squeeze Film Behavior in MEMS  A. Roychowdhury, S. Patra, A. Nandy, R. Pratap


A Technology Overview and Applications of Bio-MEMS Nidhi Maheshwari, Gaurav Chatterjee, V. Ramgopal Rao


Volume 3 Number 1 March 2014

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Residual Stress in a Si Quantum Dot Embedded in SiO2 Bhamy Maithry Shenoy, Gopalkrishna M. Hegde, and D. Roy Mahapatra 1-7
A Note on Modelling Directionality in Piezoresistivity Sreenath Balakrishnan, Kaustubh Deshpande, and G.K. Ananthasuresh 8-17
Low Frequency Vibration Energy Harvesting using Arrays of PVDF Piezoelectric Bimorphs  Rammohan S., Ramya C. M., Jayanth Kumar S., Anjana Jain, Rudra Pratap 18-27
Nanotextile Bio-sensors for Mobile Wireless Wearable Health Monitoring of Neurological and Cardiovascular Disorders Pratyush Rai, Sechang Oh, Prashanth Shyamkumar, Mouli Ramasamy, Robert E. Harbaugh and Vijay K. Varadan 28-77

Volume 2 Number 2 September 2013

Ni30Ti50Pt20 High Temperature Shape Memory Alloy (HTSMA) Wires: Processing Related Issues  K.V. Ramaiah, C.N. Saikrishna, M. Sujata and S.K. Bhaumik


The Buckling of Metal Thin Films on Soft Elastomers: Use in Flexible Electronics  Debashis Maji, Puneet Manocha, and Soumen Das


A Comparison of Burst Strength and Linearity of Pressure Sensors having Thin Diaphragms of Different Shapes  Vidhya Balaji and K.N. Bhat


Radio Frequency Micro Electro Mechanical Systems-An Overview Shiban K. Koul and Sukomal Dey


Announcement for ISSS Awards 2014


Volume 2 Number 1 March 2013

From Editor’s Desk

Design and Development of a PDMS Membrane based SU-8 Micropump for Drug Delivery System Bidhan Pramanick, P. K. Dey, Soumen Das, T. K. Bhattacharyya


Digital Microfluidics and its Integration with a Fluidic Microreactor Paresh Kumar and Enakshi Bhattacharya


Turning Lamb mode based crack growth prediction for GIC determination in laminated composites C. Ramadas, Avinash Hood, Anoop Anand, Krishnan Balasubramaniam and Makarand Joshi


Fringe Field Junctionless FET as a Sensitive Displacement Sensor  Thejas, Navakanta Bhat, Rudra Pratap and K N Bhat


MEMS Pressure Sensors- An Overview of Challenges in Technology and Packaging K. N. Bhat and M. M. Nayak


Volume 1 Number 1 September 2012

President’s Message

From Editor’s Desk

Stiction Free Fabrication of MEMS Devices with Shallow Cavities Using a Two-Wafer Anodic Bonding Process  K. Jayaprakash Reddy, K.N. Bhat, and Rudra Pratap


Low loss 2-port OADM using 1-D Photonic Crystal and 3-port Optical Circulator Renilkumar M and Prita Nair


Nanoscale Control of Electromigration for Resistance Tuning of Metal Lines Santanu Talukder, Arindam Ghosh and Rudra Pratap


FxLMS Algorithm with Feedback Neutralization for Active Vibration Control C.Karthikeyan and Shashikala Prakash


Feasibility Studies on MEMS Oxygen Flow Sensors by Differential Pressure Method for Pediatric Ventilators M.Rajavelu, D.Sivakumar, R.Joseph Daniel, K.Sumangala


Implementation of an Active Vibration Control Technique on a Full Scale Space Vehicle Structure Raja S, Janardhanam S, Shankar V, Balakrishnan B, Rekha K R and Asraff A K


Design, Fabrication and Characterization of RF MEMS Varactor for VCO Application Sukomal Dey, and Shiban.K. Koul


MEMS and Smart Systems Development: Indian Scenario V.K. Aatre